Math 190/101: Calculus Survey


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Some class notes will be posted here.

These are the notes exactly as they appeared in class, so there may be errors. If you find any let me know and I'll make a note.

Monday Wednesday Friday
Week 1 Labour Day Intro Functions
Week 2 Composition/Trig (+Note) More Trig(Unit Circle) More More Trig
Week 3 Trig/Exponents Logarithms More Logarithms
Week 4 Limits Computing Limits Limits/Vertial Asymptotes
Week 5 V/Horizontal Asymptotoes H.A./Tangent Lines Derivatives(Definition)
Week 6 Turkey Day Derivative Rules More Derivative Rules
Week 7 Power/Quotient Rule Chain Rule/Logarithms More Chain Rule
Week 8 Related Rates Related Rates/Review Review
Week 9 Midterm Intro to Integrals Definite Integrals
Week 10 Fundamental Theorem Indefinite Integrals Rememberance Day
Week 11 Integrals (Substitution) Substitution (+Note) Integration by Parts
Week 12 More IBP Physics Problems One more Integral
Week 13 Review Review Review/Last Day