Math 180/201: Differential Calculus


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Some class notes will be posted here.

These are the notes exactly as they appeared in class, so there may be errors. If you find any let me know and I'll make a note.

Tuesday Thursday
Week 1 Tangents/Velocity/Limits Limit Laws/Computing Limits
Week 2 Continuity IVT/H.A./Derivatives
Week 3 Derivatives/Polynomials Exp/Product/Quotient/Trig
Week 4 Chain Rule/Logarithms Inverse Trig/Implicit Diff
Week 5 Midterm Implicit Diff/Log Diff
Week 6 Rates of Chance in Science Exp Growth/Decay
Week 7 Related Rates/Lin.Approx.
More R.R. Examples
Taylor Polynomials
Week 8 Taylor Poly w/ Remainder Maxima and Minima
Week 9 Mean Value Theorem Midterm
Week 10 1st/2nd Derivative Test Curve Sketching
Week 11 Slant Asymptotes/L'Hopital L'Hopital/Optimization
Cleaner Optimization
Week 12 Optimization Newton's Method/Anti-diff
Week 13 Review1 Review2