MATH 200
Multivariable Calculus
Winter 2016


This is the common page for the seven sections (linked below) of MATH 200 in Term 2 of the 2016W session (September to December 2016). Your grade in the course will be determined by your grades in

  • weekly webwork assignments (worth 10% of overall grade)
  • 6 in class quizes (worth 15% of overall grade)
  • 1 midterm exam (worth 25% of overall grade)
  • 1 final exam (worth 50% of overall grade)

  • All the basic information on these can be found below. The midterm and quizes will be held during regular class time. It is your own responsibility to also check your own section website for any section specific instructions regarding these and for other announcements in general. In particular, different sections will have different quizes and midterms and your grades in these assesments may be scaled to ensure fairness across the different sections of the course. The final exam however will be the same for all sections.

    Below are the exam dates, times and locations for all sections of the course. The SRC is a big gymnasium which will be partitioned into three spaces (A, B, C) on the day of the exam. There is very little signage indicating which space is A, B, C, and it will be extremely crowded on exam day so know in advance which side of the building your section is in ( LOOK HERE).

  • MATH200 101 DEC 12 2016 03:30-6:00 PM SRC A
  • MATH200 102 DEC 12 2016 03:30-6:00 PM SRC A
  • MATH200 103 DEC 12 2016 03:30-6:00 PM SRC B
  • MATH200 104 DEC 12 2016 03:30-6:00 PM SRC B
  • MATH200 105 DEC 12 2016 03:30-6:00 PM SRC C
  • MATH200 106 DEC 12 2016 03:30-6:00 PM SRC C
  • MATH200 107 DEC 12 2016 03:30-6:00 PM BUCH A101

  • FORMULA SHEET: You will be given a formula sheet on the exam, which will be the exactly the same as the one appearing at the end of the 2015 final exam.

    MATERIAL: The exam will be based on all the material and textbook sections covered in the course with the following exceptions: Limits and continuity (section 12.2) and the formal definition of differentiability (appearing in 12.4) were both discussed in the course, but will not be examined.

    REVIEW MATERIAL: You are encouraged to review your class notes, webwork sets, quizes, midterms and past final exams in preparing for the final exam. You are also encouraged to look at other sections quizes and midterms for review as well. Solutions to the past finals can be purchased from the UBC MATH CLUB (solution package only covers 2007-2011 exams). Solutions to the 2015, 2014 finals can be found on the section 101 site linked below. Solutions to the Dec 2006 finals are HERE and the 2006 april solutions are HERE (thanks to Warren Code for writing these)

  • Section 101 (MWF 9:00am-10:00am, LSK 201, Chau)
  • Section 102 (MWF 11:00am-12:00pm, LSK 201, Chau)
  • Section 103 (MWF 11:00am-12:00pm, MATX 1100, Nguyen)
  • Section 104 (MWF 1:00pm-2:00pm, Buchanan A104, Nguyen)
  • Section 105 (TT 9:30am-11:00am, Buchanan A201, Jamieson-Lane)
  • Section 106 (MWF 3:00pm-4:00pm, LSK 200, Code)
  • Section 107 (TT 3:30pm-5:00pm, Buchanan A104, Shen)

    Our primary reference for the course will be the following online textbook


    At times, especially in the last few weeks of the course, I will also refer to the following secondary online textbooks.



    Our reference and use of these free online textbooks will be in accordance with the creative commons liscence. In addition to these, any standard textbook in multivariable calculus will also serve as a reference for most of the topics in this course. This includes the textbook by Stewart, used for this course in recent past years.