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NOTES FROM LAST LECTURE: EXAM TOPIC SUMMARY (see also the information on common coursesite)

Information common to all sections of MATH 104/184:

Most of the important information for this course is common accross all sections and can be found by following the link below. This includes syllabus, weekly webwork assignments, midterm exam inf ormation, final exam information, administrative information,...etc.

Common Math 104/184 course webpage:

Information specific to MATH 104 section 102:

Classes: Time: Mon/Wed/Fri 9-10am, Place: MATH building room 100;

FINAL EXAM PERIOD OFFICE HOURS: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 1:00pm-3:30pm in MATH building room 239.

Instructor: Albert Chau

chau "at" math "dot " ubc "dot" ca

In class Quizes:

Quiz1 solutions,
Quiz2 questions, Quiz2 solutions
Quiz3 solutions,
Quiz4 solutions (see Example 3 in section 3.11 (sandpile problem),
Quiz5 solutions (in part (c) there is also a local Min. at x=0)
Quiz6 solutions