• It is time to nominate for Section Teaching Awards. Information is here.
  • You might find it fun to try The SIAM 100-Dollar, 100-Digit Challenge. The challenge consisted of ten numerical problems posted in the January/February 2002 issue of SIAM News and later publicized in Science and elswhere. The answer to each problem was a single real number. See details here. There were at least 3 winners from our section.
  • New Details on the MAA-Maplesoft Partnership.
  • Sigma Xi has produced an Experts Database which will help you find collaboraters for your work. It is here.
  • The current CUPM Curriculum Guide dated 2004 is available here.
  • Here is an article about Electronic Publishing sponsored by the IMU.
  • Math-Net is a new networking idea being offerred by the International Mathematical Union (IMU).
  • Sigma Xi is putting their journal, American Scientist, online.This is their current web page.
  • The problems and their solutions and other information about the Annual Canadian Mathematical Olympiad for High School students is here. It may be of interest to faculty designing similar competitions.
  • Information about The Mid-Atlantic Center for Mathematics Teaching and Learning (MAC-MTL) and its NSF fellowships for doctoral and post-doctoral study
  • March 14 (3/14) is celebrated in many classrooms as "Pi Day." If you know anything about the origin of this observance, please share it with me by sending me an email. Thanks. Dan Kalman Department of Mathematics and Statistics
  • The new Guidines For Organizing PNW-MAA Section Meetings written by Ken Ross can be seen here in pdf format.
  • Other Items of Interest

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