[ The main import file ]

Sample EPS inclusions

In this directory we have two initial files and a file in which the labels are placed in the figure

I have made additions to the template in colour, and the template I am using here is a bit enhanced over the one mentioned elsewhere. A plain text version is also available. You can also look at the figure files before and after the labels have been added.

The label.eps file was produced with the commands

tex label
dvips -E label.dvi -o label.eps

The file combined.eps was produced by modifying the PSimport.template file in the directory above. For each of the labels there were two text inclusions in combined.eps: (1) setting up embedding coordinates for the label and (2) including the label EPS file itself. Plus a little extra! In order to preserve your sanity, whatever code you put in the preface to each file should relate somehow to the placement of the figure.

For convenience in development, the combined file does not actually include the EPS files, but uses the PostScript command run instead to load them dynamically. This is more convenient to work with while you are adjusting the labels, but in the final version, the lines where this is done should be replaced by the files' actual contents.


Make a label file indicating the the y axis goes up. Put it in at 90 degrees' rotation, along the y axis, so it is read sideways.

Written by Bill Casselman.