Mathematics 431

Special topics in geometry

The goal of students enrolled in this course is to produce a project that can be mounted right here on this page. It should include both graphics and text, probably in mixed format, and should take as its aim explaining one important mathematical idea, or possibly a connected sequence of them. A typical project might be to enhance one or more books of Euclid by adding more pictures to make his arguments clerer. Other authors for whom a similar project might work include Archimedes, Descartes, and Newton. In the end, your project be based on an HTML page like this one, and include pictures like this one

which was produced by ghostscript from a PostScript picture. A quick and simple way to see what an HTML file looks like is to click on View/Source in your browser, in order to see how this page was constructed.


A commonly used book is the O'Reilly book HTML - The definitive guide. But here, too, there are a zillion possibilities.