This collection of webpages was completed as part of a project for Math 309: Topics in Geometry at the University of British Columbia. The class was taught by Bill Casselman. The main goal of the project was to explain some aspect of light and its phenomena. The class itself dealt mainly with the geometry of light, lenses, and rainbows.

These particular webpages will attempt to give a brief introduction into how human sight works. It will briefly discuss how people see colour, and how glasses are used to correct vision. The material is presented provides a broad overview of the subject, and is generally non-technical. There are some generalizations made in the treatment of the material. However, the reduction in technical accuracy wll be easily outweighed by the benefits in general comprehension for most people.

In any of webpages, you may click on an image to view the original PostScript file that was used to produce all the pictures in the assignment. You may download GSview (a viewer for .ps files) at this site from the Faculty of Computer Science at the Univeristy of Wisconsin.

Colour Vision
Colour Math
Focal Lengths and Distances
GRIN Systems
Human Vision
Vision Problems

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