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Scaling & Shifting of Graphs

Elementary Waves

Affine Functions

Waves in 2D & 3D


Hi, my name is Malin Olafson (SD#96653977) and this is my math website. The purpose of this website is to explain mathematical concepts as required for my Math 309 class. The focus of the course is the geometry of light. There are contradicting theorms and experimental proofs that show light behaving as waves or light behavings as rayes.The initial concepts are concerned with light being viewed as waves.

Although the topics may be physical in nature, the focus is to explain the math behind the physical concepts rather than the physical concepts themselves.

In case you have not already figured out how to use this nifty website i call mine, the navigation to each fantabulous math section is in the fun green section on the right... i mean... left.


A.Scaling and Shifting of Graphs

B.Elementary Waves (as functions in 1D)

i.Basic Parameters: w, Y, c and A

ii.Fundamental Equation

iii.Wave Equation (in 1D)

C.Affine Functions in 2D & 3D

D.Waves in 2D & 3D

i.Basic Parameters: w, y, c, and A

ii.Equations of Waves in 2D & 3D