Movement of the Sun

The pictures below describes the movements of the Sun in the Mercator View.

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The letters N, W, S, and E in these pictures refer to the positions, north, west, south and east respectively.
AE is the Autumn Equinox of the sun.
WS is the Winter Solstice.
SE is the Summer Equinox.
The horizontal line in the middle is the Celestial Equator.
The blue line is the Horizon.
The red line is the path of the Sun in one year.

The Yellow circle marks the beginning position of the sun during the Summer Solstice.
Notice that the movement of the sun follows the red line toward the left.

Here, the sun is at the position of the Autumn Equinox.

And here it is at the Winter Solstice.

The position of the Sun ends at the position of the Summer Equinox and is ready to begin at the Summer Solstice's position.  Unlike the horizon and the moon, the sun moves along the red line in one year's time.

The letters e and -e refers to the maximum and minimum declination of the sun.

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