Applications of the Sun and Moon

Below are two pictures of circular plans for megalithical monuments, alike those of Stonehenge.  These two plans are research results from Aubrey.  The amount of realistic facts derived from these two pictures is still in question.  More research needs to be done in this area.  Nevertheless, the pictures below are able to give a good idea of what to expect from these megaliths.

In the above diagram, the moon marker is moved in the counter-clockwise direction while the sun marker is moved in the clock-wise direction.  The moon marker is moved once every day and the sun marker is moved once every year.  Aubrey, if not mistaken, says that if the sun marker and moon marker meets, at Aubrey's Hole (as marked by AUBREY), then there will be an eclipse.

This is just another plan with the moon marker situated in the middle, moved once every day.  The markers in the larger circle help predict the lunar eclipses.

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