Type II Egg Plan

    The below pictures and instructions will provide a clue of how these Megaliths were built.  This is of course, the Type II Egg Plan.  Remember that Professor Thom found that he could use the Megalithical Yard to construct these plans.

To begin, we construct two pythagorean right angled triangles as shown above.

Then we extend the lines FA, FC and EB and ED.  Notice that lines EB and ED are of equal length to the two other extended portions of lines FA and FC.

To construct this shape, we simply draw a straight line from point A to B and C to D respectively as shown by the blue lines.  Also, we use either line FC or FA as the radius of the green arc to draw the arc, as shown.  To complete this drawing, either EB or ED can be used as the radius of the red arc to construct the red arc.

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