Mathematics 308 - Fall 1996 - Euclidean geometry

Fall term

Section 101

1:30-2:30 M W F

Buchanan A204

In the course this fall, as last spring, I will show how mathematics and computers can be used together to produce graphics of mathematical interest. The programming language to be used is PostScript. It is ideal for this purpose because its imaging model uses affine geometry in a crucial manner. Towards the end of the course, elementary 3D graphics including perspective, and perhaps something about the regular solids, will be discussed.

Also towards the end of the term, students will have to propose and carry out their own projects. You can even look at last term's projects.

Students will be given accounts in the Mathematics Department undergraduate computer laboratory, and will also be able to run GhostScript or GhostView on PC-compatible machines or Macintoshes elsewhere. The documentation is in both PostScript and PDF formats. For reading PostScript you can use GhostView & GhostScript if you do not have another PostScript file browser. For PDF files Acrobat Reader is available from Adobe.

We have PostScript help on our local help facility If you would like to know something that isn't there, ask about it.

Programs to include

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The file

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Course notes

Some simple PostScript drawing

Introduction to PostScript


Lab notes





Scale change

Drawing curves

Remarks about programming in PostScript

Motion in 3D

Mid-term preliminary

Mid-term exam

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