Mathematics 308 - Fall 2003 - Student projects

All of these will require having a PostScript viewer as your browser's application reading PostScript files. Those links with a PostScript tag are directly to PostScript files, the rest to ordinary web pages which themselves contain PostScript links.

This year's projects didn't reach the brilliance of a few from previous years, but in compensation there was a larger number of very high if not brilliant quality. In particular, I was pleased to see that more projects attempted to work with 3D, although not many that did much beyond stuff laid out already in the manual. There were also a few real duds among these. You can decide for yourself which were which.

Overall, however, I think the average was better than in past years. One general fault, was that with a few exceptions people didn't use pictures as much as they could have to carry the major burden of reasoning. Too many words.

The goals of the projects were laid out in the white paper About the project