The Periodic Table

This coloured Periodic Table is supposed to covey the major valence shell groups. They are s-orbitals (red), p-orbitals (green), d-orbitals (blue), and f-orbitals (purple). There is also one light blue square for lanthanum. While lanthanum is formally a d-block metal, its chemistry and reactivity is very similar to f-block metals. Furthermore, the first row of f-block metals (rare earth metals) are known as lanthanoids, due to their similar chemistry. As such, lanthanum is given a special box to denote its borderline behaviour. Also, the last six elements in the seventh row [Rutherfordium (104) – Meitnerium (109)] have not been given any formal designation.

This project will cover the s-orbitals, p-orbitals, d-orbitals, and their applications in Molecular Orbital Theory.

Introduction to Quantum Chemistry
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Periodic Table
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