These web pages are part of an end of term project for Math 308 (Euclidean Geometry) at the University of British Columbia. The course is an introduction to Euclidean Geometry, with this particular section focused on computer-drawn proofs. The course extensively utilized PostScript and some limited html coding, and was taught by Professor Bill Casselman.

The goal of this project is to illustrate the key role that geometry and 3D representations play in understanding chemical reactivity as described through atomic and molecular orbitals. To my dismay, I was unable to complete the project as I had planned, and many of the details have the lost. As a result, the treatment of the subject material is VERY brief, and generally qualitative. Many of the important mathematical and physical elements of Quantum Chemistry have been omitted. In spite of this, I hope that this can provide a gentle introduction in one of the main results of Quantum Chemistry without being too mysterious. The last section is a brief digression of Molecular Orbital Theory that uses the angular elements that arise from Quantum Mechanics.

Introduction to Quantum Chemistry
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Schrodinger Equation
Spherical Harmonics
Periodic Table
MO Theory

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