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Mathematics 308 - Fall 2002 - Student projects

I can summarize the hand-out by saying that the categories in which credit was assigned were:
  • mathematical content (how much mathematics is involved? how relevant to the course material?)
  • clarity (arguments will ideally be transparent, and context explained; graphics must be easy to read, aimed at mathematics; well designed to convey ideas rather than distract)
  • correctness (no serious mathematical errors)
  • difficulty (how much work involved, and how much technical knowledge?)
  • interest (as interesting as possible, given the topic)
  • originality (how many of the ideas and how much of the execution are yours?)
  • technical skill (are ideas presented graphically where possible? text well written?)
Most of the projects are in a single PostScript file. In order to read them, you will need to have a PostScript interpreter installed on your system, and it will have to be specified as the appropriate `helper' in your browser. Others are a mixture of .html and images. Generally, images will have cached behind them a PostScript link.

The projects are listed in alphabetical order, by last name. Quality varies quite a bit, but I won't comment here on how they compare. I will say that some of these seem to me spectacularly good.

The projects: