Vector calculator The vector calculator for Mathematics 307 Students in section 103 of Mathematics 307 in the Fall term of 1995 are expected to use a vector calculator to do assignments.

This is a software calculator program which runs on machines in the Mathematics Undergraduate Laboratory and which is also available on floppy disk to run on IBM compatible PC's under MS-DOS with a 386 or better CPU. It is a stack-based calculator, somewhat reminiscent of most Hewlett-Packard scientific calculators. It runs under the PostScript clone GhostScript, with the addition of a macro package written especially for the course.

To run the version in the Laboratory, the full command is

gs -dNODISPLAY ~m307-ta/lib/

This can be done in one short command as vc if you have not rewritten the .cshrc.custom file in your home directory. You can examine the file ~m307-ta/lib/ freely, and make a copy of it, but we may occasionally update or modify the single copy in the directory ~m307-ta. You can also get your own copy of by getting the source right here and saving it to your own home directory.

The program GhostScript is normally used to interpret graphics commands. Free interpreters for it are available for UNIX, MSDOS, and Macs---see the GhostScript home page. It is a great graphics language, but in this course graphics plays no role. The option -dNODISPLAY represses graphic output.

To obtain a floppy disk copy, bring a disk into the Undergraduate Laboratory and copy the contents of the directory \m307\gs386 from the IBM-type machine in the corner onto it. No login is necessary for this. Please do not modify the files in that directory!

The command line is the same in MS-DOS. Be sure to include the -dNODISPLAY option on the command line in MS-DOS, or the program will attempt to do graphics in a particularly messy way.

Detailed directions are in the file of notes A vector calculator.