Mathematics 255 - Ordinary differential equations

Spring term

Section 201

10:30--11:30 M W F

Buchanan D339

The important differences between this and other sections:

There is no required text. All material will be covered in notes handed out in class.

Some computer work will be required.

Course notes

Here are PostScript files of hand outs so far:

Course outline

Course outline

First order equations

First order differential equations

Some slope field plots

Complex exponentials

Numerical methods

Newton's method

A somewhat better numerical method

Error and step size

First order numerical methods

Second order equations

Periodic functions

Impulse response

Second order equations

Inhomogeneous second order equations

Inhomogeneous second order equations II

Homework and solutions

First homework

Second homework

Third homework

Fourth homework

Fifth homework

Sixth homework

Midterm solutions

First homework solutions

Second homework solutions

Third homework solutions

Fourth homework solutions

Fifth homework solutions