Mathematics 210 - Spring term 2003 - eighth assignment

This assignment is about eigenvalues and eigenvalues. It is due Monday, April 7, by class time. Choose either the old version

or a new experimental version

of the spreadsheet in a separate page. The new one does not have access to your old files, nor in fact to any files you save while running the old spreadsheet, because the format of the files saved by the version is is very different. Nonetheless, many of the bugs in the old version should be fixed in this one. In particular, it should be much faster on loading and saving. Let me know immediately if you see bugs in the new version.

Answers to Assignment 8 are in the new location.

Notes on matrices

  • Question 1. Use the spreadsheet to find all the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of the matrix

    A = 141

    Do each eigenvector on a different sheet. Save these sheets as,,

  • Question 2. Find eA, by using the eigenvalues and eigenvectors you find in the previous question, and using the spreadsheet to do matrix multiplication.

    Save this sheet as

That's it!

If you find these questions confusing, please write me.