Mathematics 210 - Spring term 2003 - Third assignment

This assignment requires you to submit several spreadsheets concerned with the approximation of , first drawing some simple pictures to illustrate the basic idea, then applying Richardson extrapolation. The assignment is due next Monday (February 3), just before class. I repeat the instructions from the first lab:
  • Go to the MathSheet home page and then to the applet page. Open a running copy of the spreadsheet and return to this page.
  • Log in immediately: File/Log in. Your login id is your Mathematics Department login name, and your password is your student number. This allows you to save and load spreadsheet files. You should save your work frequently.
The graph signature mechanism should now be working - please use this feature.
  • Questions 1, 2, 3. Reproduce the following pictures with the spreadsheet. (Colours can be your own choice.)

    Click to bring up a larger image.

    Save these sheets as,, and

  • Question 4. Make up a spread sheet to follow Archimedes' method to estimate with up to 4096 sides. Use two columns to try both formulas for going from N sides to 2N sides. Make a bar graph to show successive differences 2N-N. Here N is the better estimate with N sides. Save this sheet as

  • Question 5. Do two stages (i.e. using two columns) of Richardson extrapolation with the data you have. Add some text setting out the most accurate value of your calculations give you. Save this sheet as

That's it!

If you find these questions confusing, please write me.