Mathematical graphics workshop

at the , June 8-10, 2007

Location: MA 313 at TU Berlin (with computer work in an adjoining room)

Friday (June 8) 9-12
Saturday (June 9) 10-16
Sunday (June 10) 10-16

Registration: bewers(at)
Those interested are requested to register by June 5.

This course will provide a rapid introduction to the use of PostScript in producing illustrations for mathematical exposition. The lectures will be self-contained. Roughly, the mostly elementary material from Chapters 1-6 as well as some of the appendices from the textbook Mathematical Illustrations will be covered, available without cost on line and also published in print by Cambridge University Press. Students will be asked to do short projects relevant to their own research interests, and if time permits they will be asked to talk about their projects. They should probably choose a possible topic ahead of time.

Lectures will be posted here as they are finished.

All questions about the content of the course should be addressed to me at cass(at)

The lectures