The Many Aspects of Mahler's Measure -- Schedule

Saturday, April 26
Arrival day. No talks scheduled.
After settling in to your room in Corbett Hall , meet other participants in the lounge.
Dinner will be served from 5:30-7:30 pm in the Main Dining Room of Donald Cameron Hall

All talks will be held in Max Bell Room 159

Sunday, April 27
  • Morning Session (Chair, D. Boyd)
  •   9:30--  9:55 David Boyd, The many aspects of Mahler's measure
    10:00--10:25 Peter Borwein, The Mahler measure of polynomials with odd coefficients
    10:30--10:55 Coffee break , BIRS Lounge, 2nd floor, Room 5210
    11:00--11:25 Christopher Sinclair, The distribution of Mahler's measures of reciprocal polynomials
    11:30--11:55 Matt Baker, Heights in Abelian Extensions
    Lunch Break
  • Afternoon Session (Chair, D. Lind)
  •   2:00--  2:25 Klaus Schmidt, Dynamical systems and commutative algebra
      2:30--  2:55 Thomas Ward, Mahler measure and entropy
      3:00--  3:25 Manfred Einsiedler, Isomorphism rigidity, a "Krull dimension two" case
      3:30--  3:55 Coffee break
      4:00--  4:25 Jorge Pineiro, Mahler measure for dynamical systems on PL1
      4:30--  4:55 Doug Lind, Mahler variations

    Monday, April 28
  • Morning Session (Chair, F. Rodriguez Villegas)
  •   9:30--  9:55 Amnon Besser, Variation of complex and p-adic regulators
    10:00--10:25 James Lewis, An explicit formula for the Beilinson regulator for higher Chow groups
    10:30--10:55 Coffee break
    11:00--11:25 Walter Neumann, The Extended Bloch group and the Chern-Simons invariant
    11:30--11:55 Fernando Rodriguez Villegas, A new proof that .1666666666666.... = 1/6
    Lunch Break
  • Afternoon Session (Chair, D. Silver)
  •   2:00--  2:25 David Boyd, Mahler's measure and A-polynomials
      2:30--  2:55 Adam Sikora, A-polynomials and the colored Jones polynomial of a knot
      3:00--  3:25 Coffee break
      3:30--  3:55 Susan Williams, Knots, Homology and Mahler measure
      4:00--  4:25 Daniel Silver, Twisted Links and Lehmer's Question

    Tuesday, April 29
  • Morning Session (Chair, C. Smyth)
  •   9:00--  9:25 Sam Vandervelde, Computing Mahler measure with a cyclic quadrilateral
      9:30--  9:55 Marie-Jose Bertin, Mahler's measures of some K3 hypersurfaces
    10:00--10:25 Ruth Kellerhals, Polylogarithms, hyperbolic volume and Mahler measure
    10:30--10:55 Coffee break
    11:00--11:25 Matilde Lalín, Examples of Mahler measures as multiple polylogarithms
    11:30--11:55 Chris Smyth, Explicit formulas for the Mahler measures of a family of n-variable polynomials
  • 12:00--12:10   Group Photo on the front steps of Corbett Hall
  • Free Afternoon for excursions and/or discussions

  • Wednesday, April 30
  • Morning Session (Chair, P. Borwein)
  •   9:30--  9:55 Michael Mossinghoff, Polynomials with restricted coefficients and prescribed factors of small Mahler measure
    10:00--10:25 Eknath Ghate, The arithmetic and geometry of Salem numbers
    10:30--10:55 Coffee break
    11:00--11:25 Graham Everest, Arithmetic in Bilinear Recurrence Sequences
    Lunch Break
  • Afternoon Session (Chair, F. Rodriguez Villegas)
  •   2:00--  2:25 Vincent Maillot, Mahler measure in Arakelov Geometry
      2:30--  2:55 Jeff Vaaler, Mahler's measure and the ABC Inequality
      3:00--  4:00 Refreshments

    Thursday, May 1
    No formal activities scheduled
    Departure day: Bon Voyage!

    Meals:   All meals are provided by BIRS from dinner on April 26 until lunch on May 1
    7:00-9:00am Breakfast (Continental) 2nd Floor Lounge, Corbett Hall
    11:30am-1:30pm Lunch (Buffet) Main Dining Room, Donald Cameron Hall
    5:30-7:30pm Dinner (Buffet) Main Dining Room, Donald Cameron Hall
    Coffee Breaks 2nd floor lounge, Corbett Hall
    Map:   Corbett Hall, Max Bell and Donald Cameron Hall are within close proximity of one another,
    at the lower left hand corner of the map of Banff Centre (for a printable pdf version, click here )

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