I like plastic cups.

Life of the party!

Wavin' arms

Wavin' arms, redux

Four generations


Bath time is fun...

...or is it?

Protect me from the crazy lady!


More fun

Norway's smallest fan

Does my attire amuse you?

Cuz if so, I'm coming over there!

Let's play a game....

...it's called "Crank-call-arama"!

Try to read what's on my shirt

I crawl best when wearing the "speed-duck"

Attack of the killer stuffed animals

Total defeat

Final victory

If I only knew there was a penguin behind me


Man, there be lotsa chickens

Just give me the money. No funny business.


Silly, rabbit!

Nipple headed girl

Sleeping with my penguin

Strolling the beach....

...at sunrise.

Mum teaches me about fish and stuff

Time to get my drunk on!

Oh yeah!

I hate sand.

Me, my mohawk and my penguin

With my pal Thomas (I'm six hours older)

My first kiss (notice the hammer)

My second kiss (hmmm)

Me and daddy (notice my hat)



Hiking with daddy, "before" picture

Hiking with daddy, "after" picture

Waterfall with Mum

That, my friends, is a big bike.

Happy in Paraguay?

Soft shoe routine

It IS nice to get good vodka every now and then!

Discrete? I'll show you frikkin' discrete...