The two women in my life, Wallapak and Claire

Wallapak and Claire

Claire, sleeping


Claire, flippin' off daddy

Happy baby

Unhappy baby

Really unhappy baby

Claire, bathing

baby vs q-tip

Hungry, happy baby

Hungry, happy baby, take 2

Hungry, sad baby (diaper change edition)

Happy, fed baby (and Mum)

Claire stares at Mum

Mother and child singalong

Little Claire, asleep with Wallapak

Mother and child

Claire, as Winston Churchill

Mother and child, end of a hard day



Little Claire, Big Yawn

Wallapak says "hi" to Claire

Checking out of the hospital

Checking out of the hospital, part 2, baby's opinion

Finally home in Ayutthaya

Asleep in her little rocker