Math 620E, Section 102

Main source: Class Field Theory notes by James Milne
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Monday, 16.00-17.30 in Math 204

Speaker Topics Milne section Notes

2015/09/28 Adela Review of algebraic number theory Introduction Notes
2015/10/02 Ed Review of algebraic number theory, cont. Introduction Notes

2015/10/05 Justin Galois cohomology Chap. II, sections 1-2 ff. Notes
2015/10/09 Justin Galois cohomology discussion

2015/10/12 Thanksgiving No meeting

2015/10/19 Ed Rational cyclotomic extensions Chap. I, section 4 Notes

2015/10/26 Ed, Julia p-adic cyclotomic extensions, Kummer theory Chap. I, section 4 ff. Notes

2015/11/02 Adela Infinite Galois theory Appendix, chap. I

2015/11/09 Adela Infinite Galois theory with examples (cont.) ibid.

2015/11/16 Julian Classification of central simple algebras

2015/11/23 Julian Brauer groups and Hilbert's criterion for quaternion algebras

2015/11/30 Ed The Tate groups and cohomology Chap. II section 4, Chap. III section 1 Notes