Math 300                          Section 101,    Fall 2014

Introduction to Complex Variables

Time/Place:  MWF  8:00-9:00,  LSK 460  

Instructor:  K. Behrend

Office hours during final exam period: 
Tuesday, December 2, 13:00-15:00,
Tuesday, December 9, 13:00-15:00.




Links:  Graphing complex functions     Phase portraits of multi-valued functions    
Laurent expansions and singularities     2D vector field animation
Moebius Revealed

Textbook:  Saff - Snider:   Fundamentals of Complex Analysis with Applications.  
Third Edition.

Prerequisite:  Calculus III or equivalent (several variable calculus)
Corequisite:  Calculus IV or equivalent (vector calculus)
The prerequisite is essential. The corequisite is very important: we
will make references to vector calculus repeatedly, you will be
significantly hampered in your understanding, without the

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Marking:  Your final grade will be based on Homework assignments,
two midterm exams, and the final exam:

Homework: 10%
Midterm 1: 20%
Midterm 2: 20%
Final: 50%

When computing your homework mark, the two lowest scores (out of 10)
will be dropped. No further concessions will be made, for any
(including medical) reasons.

If you miss one of the midterm exams for medical reasons, you need to
promptly inform the instructor, and provide a physician's note
specifically stating that you were medically unfit to write the missed
exam on that day. No make-up exams will be given.

For all registration issues see registration assistance.
The instructor cannot help you with registration issues.