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Research Biography

My current postdoc is co-sponsored by Professor Nassif Ghoussoub and Professor Young-Heon Kim at UBC. Our research is in the intersection of optimal transportation, optimal control theory, nonlinear PDE and variational inequalities [2], [3]. We hope our results and new perspectives coming from this mix of subjects will be of interest for many other applications in mathematical physics and even machine-learning. A related ongoing research project with Mark Cerenzia and his PhD advisor René Carmona has recently culminated in a unique paper [1] connecting the mean field limits of some stochastic differential games with the will known mean field limits of random matrix theory.

My PhD was advised by Professor Tim Healey at Cornell University. Our primary research was in nonlinear elasticity, and my dissertation was on the constraints of incompressibility and self-contact in second-gradient elasticity [4], [6],[7]. I developed new techniques to deal with these constraints in the framework of twice differentiable Sobolev deformations, which allowed us to prove global existence of equilibrium solutions. This research involved the calculus of variations, regularity theory for the divergence equation, and variational inequalities.

At Cornell I was also mentored by Professor Alex Vladimirsky. We did research that began with exploring numerical methods for nearly-degenerate 2nd-order Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations. We then worked on probabilistic constraints in optimal stopping problems [5], which we solved by using a Lagrangian relaxation that yields a quasi-variational inequality.

I was an undergraduate at the University of California, Santa Cruz. I wrote an undergraduate thesis under the supervision of Professor Debra Lewis on optimal control theory on Lie groups. Also at UCSC, after graduating I continued research with Professor Dejan Milutinović working on open-loop stochastic control theory [8]. We used computational path-integration techniques to approximate solutions of the resulting forward-backward nonlinear PDE.


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