Basic course information

Math 105: Integral Calculus with Applications to Commerce and Social Sciences, section 202.
  • Instructor: Alex Tomberg
  • Lectures: Buchanan A202, MWF 8:00-9:00
  • Office hours: Monday 15:00-16:30 in LSK 303D, and Thursday 11:00-12:30 in LSK 303C
  • Textbook: Calculus: Early Transcendentals, Volume 2. Third custom edition for UBC, by Briggs and Cochran
  • Common webpage: Math 105.

Final exam

  • Final: April 22, 15:30-18:00, SRC A.
  • Info: Information about the material covered on the final, the formula sheet and much more can be found here.
  • Sample: Here is the sample exam.
  • Review: Monday April 15th, 9:30-12:00 in LSK 200. Notes.


Quizzes will be held every second Friday at the start of class. The way quizzes work is as follows: you are assigned a number of problems to work on, but only one of those problems will appear on the quiz, chosen at random.

Grading scheme

Your grade will be computed using the following formula:
  • Final exam: 50%
  • Two midterms: 17% + 17% = 34%
  • WebWork: 10%
  • Quizzes and participation: 6%

Lecture notes

Here are the DocCam lecture notes. Please remember that this is not a complete set of notes: reading the textbook and/or Robert's lecture notes is also important.

Midterm and final exams

Information and some ressources for midterm preparation.

Links and resources


  • Math exam wiki: past exams with solutions and hints.
  • Notes from the review session posted.
  • Final: scheduled for April 22 at 15:30. Please report any conflicts and/or hardships.

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