Asaf Nachmias' list of publications

  1. Random walks on stochastic hyperbolic half planar triangulations
    (with Omer Angel, Gourab Ray)

  2. Boundaries of planar graphs, via circle packings
    (with Omer Angel, Martin Barlow, Ori Gurel-Gurevich),
    Annals of Probability, to appear.

  3. Electrical resistance of the low dimensional critical branching random walk
    (with Antal Jarai),
    Communications in Mathematical Physics, to appear.

  4. Unlacing the lace expansion: a survey to hypercube percolation
    (with Remco van der Hofstad),
    Metrika, to appear.

  5. Rate of Convergence for Cardy's Formula
    (with Dana Mendelson and Sam Watson),
    Communications in Mathematical Physics, to appear.

  6. Non-amenable Cayley graphs of high girth have p_c < p_u and mean-field exponents,
    (with Yuval Peres),
    Electronic Communications in Probability, 17, no. 57, 1--8, 2012.

  7. Recurrence of planar graph limits,
    (with Ori Gurel-Gurevich),
    Annals of Mathematics, 177 no. 2, 761-781, 2013.

  8. Hypercube Percolation,
    (with Remco van der Hofstad),
    Journal of the European Mathematical Society, to appear.

  9. A power law of order 1/4 for critical mean-field Swendsen-Wang dynamics,
    (with Yun Long, Weiyang Ning and Yuval Peres),
    Memoirs of the AMS, to appear.

  10. Non-concentration of return times,
    (with Ori Gurel-Gurevich),
    Annals of Probability, 41, no. 2, 848-870, 2013.

  11. The evolution of the cover time
    (with Martin Barlow, Jian Ding and Yuval Peres),
    Combinatorics, Probability and Computing, 20, 331-345, 2011.

  12. Arm exponents in high dimensional percolation
    (with Gady Kozma ),
    Journal of the American Mathematical Society, 24, 375-409, 2011.

  13. A note about critical percolation on finite graphs
    (with Gady Kozma ),
    Journal of Theoretical Probability, 24, no. 4, 1087-1096, 2011.

  14. Is the critical percolation probability local?
    (with Itai Benjamini and Yuval Peres),
    Probability Theory and Related Fields, 149, no. 1-2, 261-269, 2011.

  15. The Alexander-Orbach conjecture holds in high dimensions
    (with Gady Kozma ),
    Inventiones Mathematicae, 178, no. 3, 635--654, 2009.

  16. Testing the expansion of a graph
    (with Asaf Shapira),
    Information and Computation, 208, no. 4, 309-314, 2010.

  17. Mean-field conditions for percolation on finite graphs ,
    Geometric and Functional Analysis (GAFA), 19, 1171-1194, 2009.

  18. Mixing time power laws at criticality ,
    (with Yun Long and Yuval Peres ),
    Proc. of the 48th IEEE FOCS, 2007.

  19. Critical percolation on random regular graphs
    (with Yuval Peres ),
    Random Structures and Algorithms, 36, no. 2, 111-148, 2010.

  20. Critical random graphs: diameter and mixing time
    (with Yuval Peres ),
    Annals of Probability, 36, no. 4, 1267-1286, 2008.

  21. Component sizes of the random graph outside the scaling window
    (with Yuval Peres ),
    Latin American Journal of Probability and Mathematical Statistics (ALEA), 3, 133-142, 2007.

  22. The critical random graph, with martingales.
    (with Yuval Peres ),
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  23. Colouring complete bipartite graphs from random lists
    (with Michael Krivelevich ),
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  24. Colouring powers of cycles from random lists
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