Old Talks

Talks...there will be plenty of overlap between talks but I thought it would be nice to have a record of the talks as presented, errors and all. Of course, only beamer material makes it to these pages. Boardwork and side comments omitted.

Plenary Talk for Nov 3, 2006 in Fayetteville, Arkansas for AMS meeting. Forbidden Configurations (pdf file)

Talk for April 23, 2008 at College of Charleston. Forbidden Configurations (pdf file)

Talk for June 18, 2008 at University of Vermont, SIAM Discrete Mathematics, 2008. Block Designs and Forbidden Configurations (pdf file)

Talk of Steven Karp for July 9, 2008 at CUMC, University of Toronto, 2008. Forbidden Configurations (pdf file)

Talk for March 28, 2009 Combinatorics Day at University of Lethbridge, 2008. Forbidden Configurations (pdf file)

Talk for April 3, 2009 at BIRS, Invariants of Incidence Matrices. (pdf file)

Talk for May 25, 2009 at CanDAM, Indicator Polynomials. (pdf file)

Talk for August 23, 2009 at UBC Okanagan, Prairie Discrete Mathematics Workshop 09. (pdf file)

Jumpstart talk for international students, Aug 27, 2009 You can get most of the information from reading carefully the webpage http://www.math.ubc.ca/ Math Department website and then click on `Undergraduates' and then click on the links `First year courses', `Math 110' and the `Basic Skill test'.

UBC Seminar September 28, 2009, (pdf file) Forbidden Configurations ; Partial Talk.

UBC Undergraduate Mathematics Colloquium, October 21, 2009, (pdf file) On Perfect Squares; Partial Talk.

Tutte Seminar, U of Waterloo, Jan 8, 2010, Forbidden Configurations (pdf file)

Discrete Math seminar, U of Ottawa, Jan 15, 2010, Forbidden Configurations (pdf file)

SIAM Discrete Math Conference, Austin, TX, Jun 14, 2010, (pdf file)

CUMC (Canadian Undergraduate Math Conference), Waterloo, July 9, 2010, (pdf file)

Jumpstart lecture, August 20, 2010, (pdf file)

CMS meeting, Vancouver, Dec 6 2010, Forbidden Configurations: Progress on a conjecture (pdf file)

AMS meeting, Las Vegas, April 30,2011 Forbidden Configurations: Progress on a conjecture (pdf file)

CanaDAM 11, University of Victoria, June 2,2011 Forbidden Configurations: Progress on a conjecture (pdf file)

Talk on undergraduate research for ASEE Physics and Mathematics Luncheon, June 29, 2011 (pdf file)

Talk for Eurocomb 11, Budapest, September 1, 2011. Forbidden Configurations: Boundary Cases(pdf file)

PIMS Distinguished Lecture, Regina, Saskatchewan September 29, 2011. Forbidden Configurations: A survey(pdf file)

Forbidden Submatrices Discrete Mathematics Seminar given by Ronnie Chen, Nov 9, 2011. (pdf file)

Forbidden Configurations Discrete Mathematics Day talk, May 11, 2012. (pdf file)

Forbidden Submatrices SIAM Discrete Mathematics Conference, Halifax, June 19, 2012. (pdf file)

Forbidden Configurations: A survey Cal State San Marcos, October 23, 2012. (pdf file)

Student Research Cal State Los Angeles, October 24, 2012. (pdf file)

Families of Forbidden Configurations U of South Carolina, February 21, 2013. (pdf file)

Student Research U of South Carolina, February 26, 2013. (pdf file)

Critical Substructures SIAM SEAS, U of Tennessee, March 23, 2013. (pdf file)

Forbidden Families of Configurations AMS, U of Iowa, Ames IA, April 28, 2013. (pdf file)

Forbidden Families of Configurations St. John's Newfoundland, June 13, 2013. (pdf file)

Large Forbidden Configurations Minneapolis, June 17, 2014. (pdf file)

Forbidden Configurations: A shattered history Combinatorial Potlatch, University of Western Washington, November 22, 2014. (pdf file)

On the Quest for the Perfect Square Math Circle talk (for talented high school students). January 26, 2015. (pdf file)

Multicoloured matrices 3rd Combinatorics Day, April 25, 2015. (pdf file)