Math 105 Section 203
Integral Calculus for Commerce and Economics
Online Course Material 


Hope you have had a great holidays.

  • Common Course webpage. You will find all the course details here. In particular there is information about the midterm 1 scheduled for Jan 28 including two practice midterms each of which has solutions. Please do the practice tests before looking at the solutions; reading solutions by itself wonÕt be much help for your learning.

    This website will contain material specific to this section of the course. The common course webpage gives the definitive listing of topics, midterm schedules etc. Quiz 2 is Friday Jan 22 and covers material from the second week (partial derivatives, critical points and their classification).  

  • Special office hours for midterm: Wednesday Jan 27 3-5 in MATH ANNEX 1118. Regular office hours 11-12 are cancelled Wednesday Jan 27.

    The common midterm is Thursday Jan 28 from 6:30-7:30 in room CHEM B250. Arrive a little early near the room. We wonÕt let you in until we are satisfied with the distribution of exams.
  • Section specific outline: grading scheme etc. 

  • Supplementary Course Notes.

    From time to time I may post material extra to the material that is already on the common course webpage.