Math 184 Sections 111,112,113,114
Differential Calculus for Social Science and Commerce.
Online Course Material 


Final review session Thursday Dec 6 2:30-4:30 in MATH 105. If you need information about the course (tests, assignments, workshops, old exams, go to the bottom of this webpage to find various helpful documents.
Nov 28 Online course evaluations need to be done by Friday. Feel free to comment on the quality of the cookies on that day! Keqin Liu has posted on his website the following information on the final exam Final Exam Information. I will be available for study session Tuesday Dec 3 from 2:30-4:30 and also Thursday Dec 5 from 2:30-4:30.
Nov 20 Final assignment 7 is posted below.
Nov 8 Workshop 10 and solutions posted. I will run a derivatives session Thursday Nov 8 at 4:00. I may be unable to have any special sessions Thursday next week before Test 4 since I will be hosting a visitor. I will schedule a seesion Wednesday Nov 14 at 4:00 and will email if I'm available Thursday.
Nov 6 solutions to old test 4 posted; contains solutions to some assignment 5 questions. Assignment 6 due Wednesday Nov 14 as below:
Section 4.1 9,19,21
Section 4.2 21,53
Section 4.3 3,19,29
Section 4.5 3,15,19,27
Nov 1 test 3 had average of 58 and median of 63, workshop 9 posted
Oct 29 test 3 and solutions posted
Oct 19 Assignment 4 due Wednesday Oct 24 is posted.
Oct 18 Workshop 7 and solutions posted. Please read Newton's Method handouts.
Oct 17 Assignment 3 due Friday Oct 19.
3.4 21,23
3.6 29,31
3.7 23,33,43,49
Test 3 1 a), b), c), d) (yet more derivatives!)
3.8 13,27,29,31
Oct 12. Test 2 solutions posted below. Assignment 3 will be emailed during the weekend.
Oct 11. Workshop 6 and solutions posted. Handout on some terms posted. Test 2 Friday Oct 12. No coverage of radioactive decay, differential equation for population growth, Newton's law of cooling. Section 3.8 will be covered after the test next week.
Oct 4 Workshop 5 and solutions are posted.
Sept 30. I am posting assignment 2 (due Friday) Assignment 2 due Friday Oct 5
3.1 19,35
3.2 3,25,29,43,53 (say what you are doing but use a calculator)
3.3 5,37,43,45
Recall that there are additional problems listed in the syllabus. The Sept 24 test has been returned to you. I'd be happy to look over your test and attempt point out any systematic errors you have made in order for you to identify priorities for studying. The second Skills test is marked and will be returned Monday. Many of you could benefit from a continued review of these basic skills.
If you are currently registered in MATH 184 and are having serious difficulty, you may wish to consider taking MATH 003 (non credit course) instead, and then taking a for-credit calculus course later. There is an extended drop deadline for MATH 184 students who register into MATH 003: Students who withdraw from MATH 184 in order to take MATH 003 will be given a backdated drop from MATH 184, with no "W" appearing on their transcript. To take advantage of this extended drop deadline, fill out an add/drop form in the Mathematics Department office no later than Oct. 12, after registering into MATH 003 online using the SSC. The Mathematics department does not run MATH 003.

Sept 25. I have posted test 1 and solutions below near the workshops. Also my test 1 from last year.

First assignment has been emailed to you (section 0.4 problems 29,33
section 0.5 problems 21,22,23
section 2.1 17,21,27,29,33
section 2.2 11,13
section 2.3 15, 23 (solve using logs only), 37, 45 ).
Note that it does not cover limits which you must study independently. Again use the course syllabus.
This section of MATH 184 will meet for lectures in MATH ANNEX 1100 from 12:00-1:00 MWF. My office is MATH ANNEX 1114, very close by. Students in MATH 184 will not have taken such a Calculus course but have (at least C+ in) Principles of Mathematics 12. Both MATH 184 and MATH 104 students will be writing the same exam in December and section marks get scaled based on the section's sperformance on the final exam. . Students will have a (attendance mandatory) workshop which we believe to be a helpful active learning strategy that boosts student performance based on our experience last year. The workshops are scheduled either 9:30-11:00 Th (Section 111 in MATH 204,Section 112 in MATH 203) or 11:00-12:30 Th (Section 113 in MATH 103, Section 114 in MATH 202).

We will be running the workshop in the first week.

You have to put in 1/3 more effort than a MATH 104 student, that is why you get 4 credits. I will be attending workshops but will be switching between the rooms.
There are five major tests. We have the Basic Skills Test (for 10% of your term grade) scheduled for September 11 evening.and four other tests scheduled for Monday September 24, Friday October 12, Friday October 26 and Friday November 16. We will have homework, some fraction of which will be graded. Practice writing solutions, both in assignments and in the workshops should aid your test performance. The scaling of final grades (based on a section's performance on the final exam by a somewhat complicated formula which basically aligns the section's median term grade with the section's median exam grad. Thus poor performance by most 184 students on a term test might be mitigated when the final grades are scaled.
We are still testing some pedagogical ideas and certainly would appreciate feedback on the workshops. One of my goals is to see you students do as well on average as do MATH 104 students (a comparison based on your MATH 12 scores) in the final exam. I expect the first weeks to be a bit bumpy and I will try to give you lots of work in these weeks to help prepare you. The workshops begin immediately in the first week, Thursday September 6. Attendance will be taken at workshops and 10% of your term grade (5% of your final grade) will be based on attendance/particiption. Thus attendance/particpation is `mandatory'.
The typical organization of the workshops will have you work in groups and write your work on blackboards. These are not presentations in front of a whole class but will be done in your group with either myself or a TA checking the work. Hopefully we will provide feedback on your work and identify some of the problem areas that will require extra work on your part: perhaps a set of review exercises or suggestions from the text. By having your work written with steps included we can more readily identify any difficulties and identify your strengths. The standard marked homeworks/tests can also provide this feedback but typically the feedback is less specific and it isn't provided verbally. We ask the TA's to facilitate your learning. This means helping you to learn what questions to ask, what you are weak at etc rather than showing you the answer. Answers will be posted after the fact but that is not the main function of the workshop. We will focus on algebraic skills early on with a later emphasis on problem solving. A couple of the workshops scheduled before tests might be run in a more traditional student driven tutorial format. If you wish more traditional tutorial assistance where someone shows you how to do a problem you can access the Tutorial Centre or AMS tutoring or visit me.

Notes look authoritative when typed so be wary. They may look perfect but may still contain errors! I don't have an editor.

I arrive most days by 9:00 but will not be available for students Tuesdays except by special arrangement.. I typically do not read my email from home (i.e. evenings and weekends). The outline will have you proided you with telephone numbers.

Basic Information
  • Course Outline: grading scheme etc. 
  • Course Coordinator Keqin Liu's webpage for MATH 104, info about final etc.
  • Course Syllabus with some problems from the text listed for your assistance. 

  • Tests
  • test 1 from last year and test solutions
  • Sept 24 2007 test and test solutions
  • test 2 from last year which was held a week earlier and hence covers slightly less material (no chain rule or linear approximations) and test solutions .
  • Oct 12 2007 test and test solutions
  • test 3 from last year and test solutions.  
  • Oct 26 2007 test and test solutions
  • test 4 from last year and test solutions.  
  • Nov 16 2007 test and test solutions

  • Assignments
  • Assignment 4 Due Wednesday Oct 24 
  • Assignment 5 Due Monday Nov 5 
  • Assignment 7 Due Monday Nov 26, Solutions to problems not from text 

  • Workshops
  • Workshop 1 Sept 6 Problems. Workshop 1 Solutions 
  • Workshop 2 Sept 13 Problems. Workshop 2 Solutions 
  • Workshop 3 Sept 20 Problems. Workshop 3 Solutions  
  • Workshop 4 Sept 27 Problems. Workshop 4 Solutions  
  • Workshop 5 Oct 4 Problems. Workshop 5 Solutions  
  • Workshop 6 Oct 11 graph Problems and graph. Workshop 6 Solutions  
  • Workshop 7 Oct 18 Problems. Workshop 7 Solutions  
  • Workshop 8 Oct 25 Problems. Workshop 8 Solutions  
  • Workshop 9 Nov 1 Problems. Workshop 9 Solutions  
  • Workshop 10 Nov 8 Problems. Workshop 10 Solutions  
  • Workshop 11 Nov 15 Problems. Workshop 11 Solutions  
  • Workshop 12 Nov 22 Problems. Workshop 12 Solutions  
  • Workshop 13 Nov 29 Problems. Workshop 13 Solutions  

  • Basic Algebra Skills

    Katya Yuroskovskaya's website with information and review materials. Katya organizes our workshops.
  • Some algebra drill problemswith numerical answers 

  • Supplementary Materials
  • Monopoly Firm problem from Charles Lamb 
  • Some general facts that you need to know for tests 
  • AMS Exam Database with old exams useful for study purposes. MATH 140 was a precursor to MATH 104 but was typically a little easier.
  • Newton Raphson Method notes and problems , Solutions to problems in notes. 
  • Some hard Problems from Andrew Adler might be a useful studyng aid forthose seeking a deeper understanding (and top grades!); the text provides basic problems.  
  • Chain Rule and Product Rule This gives motivation not a complete proof. 
  • Curve sketching A list of steps. 
  • Inverse Trigonometric Functions  
  • Math Jokes?