M A T H   3 0 2 - Introduction to Probability
Lectures: Mon Wed Fri 11:00 - 12:00 Leonard S. Klinck (also known as CSCI) 201
Instructor: Anna Levit

Office: Math Annex 1103

Phone: 1-604-822-4605

E-mail: anna.levit ∞ math.ubc.ca

Office Hours: Mon 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Course Outline:
  1. Sample spaces, events, axioms of probability (Ch. 2)
  2. Some elementary combinatorics. Combinations and permutations (Ch. 1)
  3. Conditional probabilities, independence and Bayes Formula (Ch. 3)
  4. Discrete random variables (Ch. 4) and Continuous random variables (Ch. 5)
  5. Joint distributions, marginal distributions and conditional distributions (Ch. 6)
  6. Expectation: sums, covariance, moment generating functions (Ch. 7)
  7. Limit Theorems: weak law of large numbers, central limit theorem (Ch. 8)

You can find a course syllabus here.

Midterm: TBA, during the lecture. Example from previous years. Solution.

Final exam: TBA. Example from previous years. Solution