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Colloquium - Winter 2009

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Past talks

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Fri., January 09;
3:00, MATX 1100
Chuck Cadman
The geometry of root stacks and gerbes
Fri., January 23;
3:00, MATX 1100
Travis Schedler
Noncommutative geometry and the McKay correspondence
Mon., January 26;
3:00, Klinck 301
John Lowengrub
UC Irvine
Controlling the shapes of micro- and nano- scale structures
Fri., January 30;
3:00, MATX 1100
James Carrell
Seeking the Smooth Schubert Varieties
Mon., February 02;
3:00, Klinck 301
Benedetto Piccoli
IAC Roma
Traffic flow and Intelligent Motions of Large Groups
Wed., February 04;
3:00, WMAX 110
Bud Homsy
UC Santa Barbara
Chaotic Advection in Drops Driven by Electrohydrodynamics: Enhancement of Heat and Mass Transport
Fri., February 06;
3:00, MATX 1100
Burt Totaro
University of Cambridge
The torsion index of a complex reductive group
Fri., February 13;
3:00, MATX 1100
Angelo Vistoli
Scuola Normale Superiore
Parabolic sheaves
Mon., February 16;
3:00, WMAX 110
Douglas Lind
University of Washington
Noncommutative Mahler Measure
Fri., February 27;
3:00, MATX 1100
Felipe Voloch
University of Texas
Local-global principles for diophantine equations and arithmetic dynamics
Fri., March 06;
3:00, MATX 1100
Shmuel Friedland
University of Illinois, Chicago
Counting matchings in graphs with applications to the monomer-dimer models
Wed., March 11;
3:00, WMAX 110
Yongbin Ruan
University of Michigan
Integrable hierarchies and singularity theory
Fri., March 13;
3:00, MATX 1100
Sadok Kallel
Lille / PIMS
String Topology and Applications
Fri., March 20;
3:00, MATX 1100
Ethan Coven
Wesleyan University
The Morse-Thue sequence, its friends, and its friends in disguise
Fri., March 27;
3:00, MATX 1100
John Heywood
On a conjectured estimate for solutions of the three-dimensional Stokes equations, with a constant that is optimal and independent of the domain.
Fri., April 03;
3:30, PIMS WMAX 110
Martin Barlow
CRM/Fields/PIMS prize lecture
The ant in the labyrinth: random walks and percolation
Wed., April 22;
3:00, WMAX 110
Jon Carlson
University of Georgia
Modules of constant Jordan type
Fri., April 24;
3:00, WMAX 110
Ronald Stern
UC Irvine
Getting to the heart of smooth 4-manifolds

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