UBC Department of Mathematics
Colloquium - Fall 2008

Winter 2009 schedule

Time and place Speaker Title
Fri., September 5;
3:00, MATX 1100
Ezra Getzler
Topological field theory and Teichmueller space
Fri., September 12;
3:00, MATX 1100
Chang-Shou Lin
National Taiwan University
Existence and uniqueness of solution to a mean field equation in two dimension at the critical parameter
Fri., September 19;
3:00, MATX 1100
Richard Thomas
Imperial College
Counting curves in threefolds
Fri., September 26;
3:00, MATX 1100
Eldad Haber
PDE constrained optimization
Fri., October 3;
3:00, MATX 1100
Andreas Seeger
Radial Fourier multipliers and the wave equation
Fri., October 10;
3:00, MATX 1100
Özgür Yilmaz
Sparse recovery via non-convex optimization
Fri., October 17;
3:00, MATX 1100
Yue Xian Li
Modeling Hormonal Rhythms in a Network of Endocrine Neurons
Fri., October 24;
3:00, MATX 1100
Eric Cytrynbaum
Models of cell division in bacteria
Fri., October 31;
3:00, MATX 1100
Jie Shen
Fast Spectral-Galerkin Method: Algorithms, Analysis and Applications
Fri., November 7;
3:00, MATX 1100
Greg Martin
Prime number races
Fri., November 14;
3:00, MATX 1100
Laurent Meersseman Foliations by Complex Leaves
Fri., November 21;
3:00, MATX 1100
Lun-Yi Tsai Math and Art: Processes & Representations

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