Math 302 - Introduction to Probability (2016)

Instructor: Omer Angel
Contacts: Math Annex 1210,
NEW office hours: W. 10-11, F. 12:30-13:30, or by appointment.
Class: MWF 14:00-14:50, at LSK-200.
Discussion board: We will use a piazza discussion board this term. You can ask questions regarding the course there. It is encouraged to answer other students' questions there. Significant participation of this type may justify extra credit. Do not share solutions to assignments (on piazza or elsewhere) before the due date.

Course outline


This course has ended. Enjoy the winter break. Grades should be online this weekend.


The final mark will be based on homework (15%), mid-term (35%) and the final exam (50%).

Homework: Weekly assignments will be given. These are due at the beginning of class on the due date, normally each Wed. Assignments handed in by Friday will receive 50% of the mark. No later assignments be accepted for credit. The single lowest assignment grade will be ignored. Due dates for assignments: Sep. 14,21,28; Oct. 5,12,19,26; Nov. 2,9,16,23,30.

Mid-terms: Mid-terms will take place during class on Fri., October 7 and Mon. November 7.

Final exam: will take place on dec. 21, 15:30 at PHRM 1101. A review session will be held, time and date TBA