Mathematics 220 - Term 2 2013-2014
"Mathematical Proof"

Lecture details

Lecture time and location

Lecturer: Andrew Rechnitzer

The course is finished

Exam stuff

Its almost the end of term, so I should post some exam related stuff here.


Course description


Cover image Cover image

Assessment and Grading scheme

Midterm and Exam

The midterm The solutions
The paper The solutions (updated)


Due Date The problems The template The solutions
Not Due Homework Zero template not yet
January 17 Homework 1 template The solutions
January 24 Homework 2 template The solutions (updated)
January 31 Homework 3 template The solutions (updated)
February 7 Homework 4 template The solutions
February 14 Homework 5 template The solutions
February 26 Homework 6 You don't need one anymore The solutions
March 7th Homework 7 You don't need one anymore The solutions (updated)
March 14th Homework 8 UPDATED Bah! No more templates. The solutions
March 21st Homework 9 Nope. The solutions
March 28th Homework 10 Nope. The solutions
April 4th Homework 11 Nope. The solutions

Extra notes

Date Topic The notes
March 23 Graphs The notes

Please note that I will likely revise the above document before the end of term.

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