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PrefaceFeedback about the text

This mobile edition of the CLP differential calculus text is still undergoing testing and changes. Because of this we request that if you find a problem or error in the text then:

  1. Please also check the PDF version of the text
  2. Is the problem in the mobile version or the PDF version or both?
  3. Note the URL of the online version and the page number in the PDF
  4. Send an email to Please be sure to include

    • a description of the error
    • the URL of the page
    • and if the problem also exists in the PDF, then the page number in the PDF and the compile date on the front page of PDF.

Some issues we are aware of:

  • Many figures need resizing. We are slowly working our way through the text and fixing these. It might take some time since there are over 650 figures in the text.

    • \(\checkmark\) September 2 2017— resized images in Chapter 0 and Appendix A
    • \(\checkmark\) September 3 2017— resized all images in Chapter 1
    • \(\checkmark\) September 3 2017— resized images in Chapters 2,3 and 4, but not (yet) in the corresponding exercises.
  • The solutions page in Appendix B currently contains solutions to all problems in the text and so takes a very long time to load on a phone. Take a look at the size of the original problembook and you get an idea of the scale of issue. At this stage it is probably better to read that page on a tablet / laptop / desktop. Again, we are working with the authors of the PreText package on a fix.
  • There are inconsistencies with sectioning of exercises. In some sections the exercises simply follow at the bottom of the page, while in others you need to click through. We prefer the latter and will harmonise things.

    ?\(\half\checkmark\) Half-fixed September 4 — Each set of exercises is inside a separate subsection but at the expense of every section of the text (even very short ones) that has exercises, also has its text in a subsection (often with the same title as the whole section). This is a bit clunky.

  • Wide equations and figures are not yet scrollable - we are working with the authors of the PreText package on a fix for this problem.

    \(\checkmark\) Fixed August 30 2017 — Thanks to David Farmer.

  • Each group of hints, answers and solutions in the appendix is titled something like “Exercises 1.3.2 Exercises”. One “Exercises” is somewhat redundant.
  • It would be nice to have a restatement of each question in the solutions page but hidding inside a little link, just as the hints, answers and solutions are.
  • Put notation inside “term” tags to help build an index (in the future).
  • Work out how to get the text searchable by google or similar.
  • Consistent formatting of links so that in “Figure n” the whole of that text is the link rather than just the number.
  • Fix subsection and subsubsection numbering in Chapter 3.7

    \(\checkmark\) Fixed September 4 2017.

We are in the process of trying to resolve these and will update the mobile edition as fixes arrive.