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Random notes:
Cosine derivative
Taylor remainder proof

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Sketching and L'hopitals
Taylor remainder
Taylor polynomial
Related rates
Exponential systems
Physical systems
using Implicit Diff
Implicit diff- intro

Math 100-102 homepage

Your final assignment is now online! Also solutions to assignment 2, and the lecturer notes for the past couple weeks.

I am hoping to get assignment 2 back to you by this Thursday, but that is very much dependent on finding time on Wednesday to enter the marks.

Also, it is worth noting that I am currently holding office hours on Mondays from 11 till 12 (This was previously incorrect on the webpage. These take place in LSK 303C, as is usual with office hours. For those of you who can not make my Tuesday or Thursday office hours, this may be a good time to ask questions.
In addition, I will note that the office hours on Tuesday the 12th of November will have to be cut short at 3:45 and there will be NO office hour on Friday the 22nd- I am needed elsewhere at both of those times.

Admin Info for Students:

My name is Alastair. You can contact me at I am the person to email if there is something in the course you did not understand.
Your course coordinators name is Keqin Liu. You can contact him at . He is the person to email if you have course related problems you can't bring to me, or don't feel comfortable bringing to me.

Time and place
Your lecturers are twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday, running from 8:00am till 9:30am in room 203A of the Buchannon block.
I will hold office hours from 2-4 on Tuesday, and from 2-3 on Friday (unless course requirements force me to change these hours) These hours will be held in LSK 303C. There are additional hours from 10-11 on Monday.

Mark allocation
Your mark allocation is as follows:
Final exam- 50%, exam date not yet set
First midterm-18%, exam on Friday October 4th
Second midterm- 18%, exam on Friday November 1st
Weekly Webwork - 8% , due each Saturday (the web page is
Tutor discretion- 6% - this broken into three 2% assignments. The secondis currently available at the top of this page.

You are also STRONGLY encouraged to do the weekly homework problems. Much like rock climbing or origami, there's only so much you can be told, the rest you have to learn through practice. The weekly homework problems will give you the practice you need.
The BOOK which all of these weekly homeworks are in is Calculus, Early Transcendentals, 7th edition by James Stewart. According to the main course webpage, the older editions of this book will not suffice.

Clicker registration:
iClickers are a useful and (hopefully) fun tool for us to use in class. But until you register online, I have no way of knowing which clicker belongs to which person. Please register online ASAP.
Here's how:
1) Open this link in a new tab.
2) Log in.
3) Go to the Math 100-102 course page (either directly, or by first opening the courses tab)
4) If everything is going according to plan, there should be a navigation bar on the left with "iClicker registration" on it
5) Click on "iClicker registration".
6) Find the barcode number on the back of your iClicker. Enter it into the box on screen.
7) Press submit.
8) Profit.

If things DO NOT work out as indicated here... don't worry. The system has only just been set up for this course (IE Wednesday evening), and its possible that there's a couple things I'll have to fix.
Please send me an email, I'll see what I can do, and then check back after a day or so to see if things have changed.

Other notes:
Help each other. Talk to each other. Share notes.
The best way to learn something is to explain it to your fellow classmates.

You can also email me, or go get help from the maths learning center. The MLC is in room 300 of the LSK building, and is open most of the day. The LSK building is behind Triple O's (go west from the southern end of the main library)