Fall 2013


Instructor: Professor Alejandro Adem

Class Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:30-11:00 at PIMS (ESB 4133)

Office Hours: by appointment (in ESB 4154)

Grader: Galo Higuera Rojo

Textbooks: Hatcher (Algebraic Topology) & Bredon (Topology and Geometry)


This is an introductory GRADUATE course in topology. Topics include: cell complexes, manifolds, homotopy groups, Euler characteristic, chain complexes, singular homology, cohomology, cup products, Poincare Duality etc. This course is part of a one year sequence (527-528).

Many areas of modern mathematics require knowledge of topological methods--for example homotopy theory, differential topology play an important role across several subjects. This course aims to provide topological expertise for students with diverse backgrounds and interests. Problems will be assigned and discussed in class.

Classes will start on Thursday, September 5.

Homework #1 due on Tuesday, September 24

Homework #2 due on Thursday, October 10

Homework #3 due on Tuesday, October 29

Homework #4, due on Thursday, November 14

Homework #5, due on Tuesday, December 3