8th PIMS Young Researchers Conference

May 2-5, 2011. University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.

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What is the PIMS Young Researchers Conference?

Welcome to the official website for the 8th annual PIMS Young Researchers Conference (PIMS YRC) in Mathematics and Statistics!

The PIMS YRC is a unique and important opportunity for young graduate students in mathematics and statistics from PIMS universities to meet their peers and discover the wide range of research currently undertaken in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest. Participants will have opportunities to build and strengthen personal and professional relationships, develop and improve communication skills, and gain valuable experience in the environment of a scientific conference. This is also an important year for the PIMS YRC itself, as this will be its first edition held outside of Alberta.

This conference has grown from the collaboration between the universities of Alberta and Calgary into a truly inter-PIMS universities project. To that effect, the graduate students of the University of British Columbia are proud to host the PIMS YRC for its first edition in this updated format. The PIMS YRC 2011 will offer:

  • An overview of current mathematical research at PIMS universities,
  • An opportunity to present a short talk in a professional context,
  • Workshops that encourage collaborative and cross-disciplinary research,
  • A chance for graduate students to start building their scientific network,
  • Plenary talks by leading mathematical experts in their fields.

Since its inception in 2004 by graduate students at the University of Alberta, the PIMS YRC has been held alternately at the University of Alberta, the University of Calgary and now the University of British Columbia. The conference has become a well-recognized and popular event; in 2007 the CYRC boasted over 90 participants from 11 different universities and in 2008 welcomed participants from six different provinces from across Canada. The PIMS YRC will continue to gain momentum, respect and popularity among young researchers in mathematics and statistics.


Graduate students at every level of their studies are invited to participate to this meeting. Whether you are beginning your Masters degree or finishing up your PhD thesis, join us for this celebration of mathematics and statistics.

The conference cycle will give participants an occasion to deliver a 25min presentation describing their field of research or interests giving the audience a perspective of the broad range covered by mathematical and statistical research. Several workshops will be offered on days 2 and 3 giving participants an occasion to develop their skills in scientific research as well as teaching and learning. See the Program page for more information.


The PIMS YRC is now a collaborative project of graduate students across Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest. Originating as the "Albertan", and then "Canadian Young Researchers Conference (CYRC)", the PIMS YRC has a great history to draw from, including previous years' organizers on this year's committee. This year's conference is being organized by a group of students working to form the first inter-PIMS-university graduate student association - the PIMS GSA. This collaboration began at the PIMS Graduate Education Roundtable, held May 2010 at the BIRS in Banff. This meeting brought together faculty and graduate students from all across Western Canada. Among other initiatives launched at this meeting was the expansion of the CYRC from a provincial conference to one hosted by various PIMS universities each year.