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 USRA Recipients
Student Name Supervisor Name Year/Program Research Project
Summer 2012
Asgarli, Shamil Angel, Omer / Silberman, Lior 2nd / BSc Random Quadrangulations
Baker, Daniel Homsy, George 3rd / BSc Curvature Induced Forces and Torques on Spheroidal Particles on Fluid Interfaces
Burke, Nigel Marcus, Brian / Rechnitzer, Andrew 3rd / BSc (Victoria) Entropy of Multidimensional Shifts and Stochastic Processes
Chen, Edwin Silberman, Lior / Angel, Omer 3rd / BASc Eigenvalues and Eigenfunctions o n Random Graphs
Chen, Karlming Pramanik, Malabika / Magyar, Akos 3rd / BSc Problems in Density Ramsey Theory
Chen, Ronnie Magyar, Akos / Pramanik, Malabika 3rd / BSc Problems in Density Ramsey Theory
Enns, John Rechnitzer, Andrew / Marcus, Brian 3rd / BSc Entropy in Symbolic Dynamics
Estrin, Ron Anstee, Richard 2nd / BSc Forbidden Submatrices
Kaplan, Maia Leung, Fok-Shuen 2nd / BSc Mathematical Modules in Science One
Kim, Junghoo Leung, Fok-Shuen 3rd / BSc Mathematical Modules in Science One
Moon, Ju Young Edelstein-Keshet, Leah 2nd / BSc Computer Simulation of Motors and Microtubules in a Cell
Woodbury, Tyler Peirce, Anthony 4th / BSc Numerically Solving the Semi-Infinite Hydraulic Fracture Problem
Summer 2011
Blackman, Jonathan Homsy, George / Dixit, Harish 4th / BSc Capillary Attraction of Floating Particles
Chen, Karlming Bennett, Michael / Martin, Greg 2nd / BSc Egyptian Fraction Representations of One
Chen, Ronnie Anstee, Richard 2nd / BSc Forbidden Submatrices
Duynstee, Adrian Gustafson, Stephen / Tsai, Tai-Peng 3rd / BSc Numerical Study of Soliton Dynamics [no report]
Enns, John Schoetzau, Dominik 2nd / BSc A-posteriori Error Estimation for Finite Element Methods
Fadai, Nabil Balmforth, Neil 2nd / BASc Dynamics of Granular Toys
Gharib, Saman Karu, Kalle 3rd / BA Vector Bundles Over Toric Varieties
Hoskins, Jeremy Bluman, George 4th / BSc Scattering of Waves in a Two-Layered Medium with Smooth Transition [no report]
Laguë, Marysa Edelstein-Keshet, Leah 2nd / BSc Optimal Foraging in Groups
Meehan, Connor Peirce, Anthony 3rd / BSc Adapting the Hermite Cubic Collocation Scheme for Asymmetric Hydraulic Fractures
Ng, Adam Feng, James 3rd / BA Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
Ren, Owen Reichstein, Zinovy 2nd / BASc Algebraic Points on Hypersurfaces
Solymosi, David Pramanik, Malabika 3rd / BSc Patterns in Sparse Sets
Zhang, Lisa Barlow, Martin / Slade, Gordon 4th / BASc Simulating Branching Random Walks
Summer 2010
Au, Zion Sze Ong Kim, Young-Heon 3rd / BSc Optimal Transportation
Barekat, Farzin Friedman, Joel 4th / BSc Greenberg-Lubotzky's Theorem for Sheaves on Graphs
Blackman, Jonathan Fraser, Ailana 3rd / BSc Minimal Surfaces and Complex Submanifolds
Da Silva, Curt Pramanik, Malabika / Khosravi, Mahta 4th / BSc Spectra of Sol-Manifolds
Lee, Si Ryun (Sierra) Usefi, Hamid 4th / BSc The Security of the McEliece Cryptosystem and Its Variants
Luk, Kevin Ka Hang Khosravi, Mahta / Pramanik, Malabika 3rd / BSc Spectra of Sol Manifolds
Mar, Philip Ward, Michael 3rd / BSc Mean First Passage Time Simulations on Domains with Traps
Meehan, Connor Anstee, Richard 2nd / BSc Forbidden Configurations and Repeated Induction
Naslund, Eric Silberman, Lior 2nd / BSc The Distribution of the Eigenvalues of Covers of a Graph
Ren, Owen Kamgarpour, Masoud 2nd / BSc Multiplication in Hecke Algebras
Rippel, Oren Peirce, Anthony 4th / BSc Perturbative and Numerical Solutions to the Hydraulic Fracture Stress-Jump Problem
Zhang, Lisa Slade, Gordon / Barlow, Martin 3rd / BASc Simulations of Random Walks on Branching Processes
Summer 2009
Al-Azzawi, Al-Hasan Usefi, Hamid 1st / BASc Error-Correcting Codes and Their Applications
Au, Zion Sze Ong Friedman, Joel 2nd / BSc Zeta Function and the Girth Problem
Blackman, Jonathan Anstee, Richard 2nd / BSc Perfect Matchings in Grid Graphs After Vertex Deletions
Cairns, Hannah Pramanik, Malabika 2nd / BSc Methods of Harmonic Analysis
Da Silva, Sergio Karu, Kalle 2nd / Arts & Science (Toronto) Oda's Strong Conjecture
Fan, Lu Edelstein-Keshet, Leah 1st / BSc Mathematical Models in Biology
Hoskins, Jeremy Angel, Omer 2nd / BSc Random Sorting Networks
Li, Yongnan (Devin) Cytrynbaum, Eric 4th / BSc Modeling the Mechanics of the Division Apparatus in Bacterial Cells
Naslund, Eric Silberman, Lior 1st / BSc The Spectra Of Random Graphs
Towfighi, Siyavash Wetton, Brian 4th / BASc Error Analysis of Projection Schemes
Summer 2008
Barekat, Farzin van Willigenburg, Stephanie 2nd / BSc Equality of Schur Q-functions
Collins, Tristan Pramanik, Malabika 4th / BSc Critical Integrability Index for Multidimensional Polynomials
Daltrop, Shira Peirce, Anthony 3rd / BSc The Numerical Solution of a Finger-Like Fracture in Viscosity and Toughness Regimes
Gara, Mateusz Rechnitzer, Andrew 4th / BSc Enumeration and Simulation of Combinatorial Objects
Gharib, Saman Rolfsen, Dale 1st / BSc Algebraic Properties of Groups
Karp, Steven Anstee, Richard 1st / BM (Waterloo) Extremal Set Theory and in Particular Forbidden Configuration Results
Lui, Edward Martin, Greg 4th / BSc Double-Critical Graphs
Peters, Craig Friedman, Joel 2nd / BSc Topics in Linear Algebra
Ward, Adam Balmforth, Neil 3rd / BSc Granular Flow Dynamics in a Rotating Drum
Zhang, Cheng Wetton, Brian 3rd / BSc Computational Models of Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Zhou, Yu Loewen, Philip 3rd / BSc Modeling Continuous Optimization Problems
Summer 2007
Brandman, David Li, Yue-Xian 3rd / BSc Modeling the Electrical Activities of a Hormone Secreting Neuron
Brown, Andrew van Willigenburg, Stephanie 4th / BSc Equality of Cup Products of Schubert Classes
Cembrowski, Mark Kuske, Rachel 4th / BSc Evolution Equations for Coupled Patterns and Mean-Flow Dynamics
Chao, Tiffany Martin, Greg 4th / BSc Joint Distribution of Sumsets and Difference Sets
Dunwoody, Laura Ward, Michael 4th / BSc Singular Perturbations and Reaction-Diffusion Systems
Fagnan, David Cytrynbaum, Eric 2nd / BSc Mechanisms of Bacterial Cell Division
Lindstrom, Michael Pramanik, Malabika 3rd / BSc Topics in Complex Dynamics
Tzou, Justin Wetton, Brian 5th / BASc Optimal Connected Domain Covering Curves
Ward, Adam Gordon, Julia 2nd / BSc Computing Character Values
Wong, Rita Coombs, Daniel 3rd / BSc Models for Bacterial Cell Division
Summer 2006
Cortes, Adrian Coombs, Daniel 4th / BSc Modeling Autoimmune Disorders
Dodds, Tyler Kuske, Rachel 3rd / BSc Oscillations in Climate Models
Dunwoody, Laura Kuske, Rachel 3rd / BSc Oscillations in Climate Models
Hocking, Robert Fraser, Ailana 3rd / BSc Interactive Software for Differential Geometry
Kruse, Chan Frigaard, Ian 5th / BASc Experimental Studies of Visco-Plastic Fluid Flows
Lau, Angus Li, Yue-Xian 4th / BSc Mathematical Modeling of Seizure-Like Activities
Markhvida, Katsiaryna Horst, Ulrich 4th / BA Simulating Social Interaction Models with Endogenously Generated Interaction Structures
Tseng, Robert Anstee, Richard 1st / BSc Matching Theory
Woodsworth, Daniel Li, Yue-Xian 3rd / BSc Mathematical Modeling of Seizure-Like Activities
Summer 2005
Chan, Collin Gustafson, Stephen 4th / BSc Qualitative Properties of Nonlinear Geometric Evolution Equations
Derksen, Laura Perkins, Ed / Limic, Vlada 4th / BSc Coalescents and Stochastic Models in Genetics and Population Ecology
Dunwoody, Laura Anstee, Richard 2nd / BSc Combinatorial Investigations
Huang, Shao-shan Edelstein-Keshet, Leah 4th / BSc Modelling Immunotherapy in Alzheimer's Disease
Kruse, Chan Frigaard, Ian 4th / BASc Experimental Studies of Visco-Plastic Fluid Flows
Lee, Mitchell Li, Yue-Xian 3rd / BSc Mathematical Modelling of Signal Transduction in Neoplasia
L'Espérance, Bruno Horst, Ulrich 3rd / Arts et Sciences (U de M) Simulating Microstructure Models of Financial Markets
Marshall, Brandon Cytrynbaum, Eric 4th / BSc Modeling the Pole-pole Oscillation Behaviour of the MinD Protein in E.coli Cell Division
Shaw, Kristin van Willigenburg, Stephanie 4th / BSc Equality of Skew-Schur Functions
Wong, Samuel Boyd, David 2nd / BSc Number Theory in Cryptography
Summer 2004
Chao, Tiffany Rolfsen, Dale 1st / BSc Knot Polynomials
Fleming, Balin Karu, Kalle 3rd / BSc Cohomology of Toric Varieties
Holloway, Isaac Solymosi, Jozsef 2nd / BSc Topological Graphs
L'Espérance, Bruno Kuske, Rachel / Feldman, Joel 2nd / Arts et Sciences (U de M) Noise Sensitivity in Mathematical Models with Delay
Leung, Joanne Universite de Montreal 4th / BSc USRA exchange
Pop, Ana Friedman, Joel 2nd / BASc Relative Expansion
Pop, Cristina Friedman, Joel 1st / BASc Relative Expansion
Ryan, Christopher Anstee, Richard 4th / BA Graph Theory
Shaw, Kristin van Willigenburg, Stephanie 4th / BSc The Chromatic Symmetric Function of Trees
Soo, Terry Kuske, Rachel / Feldman, Joel 4th / BA Noise Sensitivity in Mathematical Models with Delay
Tseng, Dustin Loewen, Philip 2nd / BSc Applied Convex Optimization
Summer 2003
Fleming, Balin Anstee, Richard 2nd / BSc Discrete Mathematics: External Set Theory
Koo, Eva Feldman, Joel 3rd / BSc Mathematical Cryptography
Krzak, Stefanie Casselman, William 3rd / BSc Geometrical Techniques in Computer Graphics
Liang, Richard Perkins, Ed 3rd / BSc Stochastic Models: Percolation and Interacting Particles
Mohammadi, Navid Martin, Greg 2nd / BSc Mathematical Cryptography
Noble, Robert Vatsal, Vinayak 4th / BSc Ergodic Theorems and Number Theory
Rooney, Darragh Li, Yue-Xian 4th / BSc Synchrony in Coupled Neural Oscillators
Shaw, Kristin van Willigenburg, Stephanie 3rd / BSc Mathematical Cryptography
Thiessen, Wendy Boyd, David 4th / BSc Mathematical Cryptography
Xuan, Min Yan Brauer, Fred 3rd / BSc Explorations in Mathematical Modeling
Summer 2002
Arjomandi, Samin Frigaard, Ian 3rd / BASc Natural and Forced Convection in the Growth of Semi-Conductor Crystals
Brox, Daniel Brydges, David 1st / BSc Long Chain Polymers
Gooch, Arthur Frigaard, Ian 3rd / BASc Natural and Forced Convection in the Growth of Semi-Conductor Crystals
Kamoosi, Nima Anstee, Richard 1st / BASc External Set Theory
Krayenhoff, Willem Bruce Sjerve, Denis 2nd / BSc Computing and Graphics in Low Dimensional Topology
Mahdaviani, Maryam Feldman, Joel 2nd / BSc Categories, Logic and Homological Algebra
Naverniouk, Igor Boyd, David 3rd / BSc Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds and Number Theory
Prat, Alain Li, Yue-Xian 4th / BSc Mathematical Analysis of Wave Phenomena in Biology
Taleghani, Ali Nagata, Wayne 3rd / BSc Stability of Heated Fluid Layers
Thiessen, Wendy Bennett, Michael 3rd / BSc Quartic Thue Equations
Tzou, Leo Loewen, Philip 4th / BSc Relaxation and Duality in Infinite-Dimensional Optimization
Virk, Rajdeep Froese, Richard 3rd / BSc Exponential Growth of Solutions to a Helmholtz Equation on an Infinite Graph