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 Other Research Recipients
Student Name Supervisor Name Year/
Research Project
Summer 2010
Chen, Ruiyuan (Ronnie) Cytrynbaum, Eric 1st / BSc Modeling Min Protein Oscillations with SmolDyn
[$4500 total]
Ye, Xiao Hu (Tiger) Cytrynbaum, Eric 4th / BSc Estimating Mechanical Properties of the Bacterial Division Ring
[$3000 total]
Summer 2009
Weeres, Jessica Brauer, Fred 3rd / BA
Compartmental Epidemic Models
[$6,720 total]
Summer 2008
Lee, Alison Cytrynbaum, Eric 2nd / BSc Fluorescence measurement of GFP-Min proteins - experimental verification of a Turing instability
[$3,000 total]
Summer 2007
Barekat, Farzin Anstee, Richard 1st / BSc Extremal Set Theory: Forbidden Configurations
[$5,625 total]
Zhang, Henry Ekland, Ivar 3rd / BSc (McGilll) An implicit system of differential equations arising from time-inconsistency in economic theory
[$5,625 total]
Summer 2006
No Students
Summer 2005
Pilley, Jonathan Cytrynbaum, Eric 3rd / BSc A model for mitotic spindle positioning in C. elegans early embryos [terminated early in mid-July; therefore, only $1,250 instead of $2,000 total]
Ryan, Chris van Willigenburg, Steph 4th / BSc Computing equal skew Schur functions
[$3,200 total]
Summer 2004
Liang, Richard Slade, Gord / Holroyd, Ander 4th / BSc Enumeration of self-avoiding walks / Stable allocations
[$3,797 total]
Limic, Mirna Brydges, David 4th / BSc Bargaining and bargaining with signaling
[$4, 095 total]
Summer 2003
No Students