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If you are having trouble registering for a Math Course, or the information here need to be updated, please contact or call 604-822-2666. Do Not Contact an Academic Advisor for help with Registration Issues. They are to be contacted for Academic Advising only.

The Frequently Asked Questions below covers a wide range of common questions on a diverse set of topics. If your question is not in this FAQ and does not relate to registration issues, contact the appropriate individual on the Advisor Contact Information list below based on the nature of your inquiry.

The department holds an annual Mathematics Information Session in March and maintains a page of material and links that are discussed at the session.

Frequently Asked Questions - Declaring a specialization

  1. If you are a BSc student, declaration of a Math Major specialization is handled by the Faculty of Science's common application process. Contact Science Advising for details. If you are a BA student, you may declare this specialization online using the SSC (Student Service Centre).
    (ID 23)
  2. BSC students must declare their specialization when registering for their second year. BA students make the declaration when registering for third year. Students may, when online declaration is permitted, declare their specialization for a given session as early as their registration date for that session and change it until the end of the add/drop period for the first term of the session. BSc students cannot declare specializations online. For information on how to declare specific specializations, see Declaring a specialization.
    (ID 28)
  3. Students wishing to declare Combined Honours Computer Science and Mathematics should contact an advisor in the Computer Science Department. Student with interest in all other Honours Mathematics degrees should contact the Undergraduate Chair. In the case of Combined Honours specializations, approval by both departments is required.
    (ID 27)
  4. Students who do not meet the requirements of a given program may be removed from that program and be required to switch to another one. The Combined Major in Sciences (CMS, formerly General Sciences Program) can often be used by BSc students.
    (ID 29)
  5. The Calendar has general rules for BSC Minors. For this declaration the Faculty of Science has paper forms that require the signature of an authorized Departmental advisor. For non-BSc Math Minor declarations, you should first contact the faculty to determine whether the minor is permitted and the requirements, and then contact the Mathematics Department for any necessary approval.
    (ID 26)
  6. Students require special permission to declare a Double Major. Rules for BSC Double Majors (Faculty of Science) are described in the Calendar under Degree Requirements in the sections on Graduation Requirements and Program Requirements. For this declaration, the Faculty of Science has paper forms that require the signature of an authorized advisor.
    (ID 18)
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Disclaimer: In all cases of inconsistencies between this FAQ and the UBC Calendar, the UBC Calendar supersedes the material here.

Advisor Contact Information

Advising roleNameOfficePhoneEmail*
1st year AdvisorMargaret NessMATH 121822-6430ness
2nd year Non-MathDr. Young-Heon KimMATH 216822-6324yhkim
3rd year Non-MathDr. Young-Heon KimMATH 216822-6324yhkim
4th-5th year Non-MathDr. Young-Heon KimMATH 216822-6324yhkim
2nd year Honours (or combined honours)Dr. Josh ZahlMATH 117822-0683jzahl
3rd year Honours (or combined honours)Dr. Dragos GhiocaMATX 1223822-5908dghioca
4th year Honours (or combined honours)Dr. Dragos GhiocaMATX 1223822-5908dghioca
2nd year Majors/MinorsDr. Tai-Peng TsaiMATH 109822-2591ttsai
3rd year Majors/MinorsDr. Albert ChauMATH 239822-2450chau
4th year Majors/MinorsDr. Albert ChauMATH 239822-2450chau
Transfer of Credits & AP Exemptions AdvisorsDr. Kalle KaruMATH 213822-4787karumore info
Dual Degree Math/Ed (Education Advisor)Dr. Julia GordonMATH 217 822-0569 gor
Adjudication of graduating studentsDr. Kai BehrendMATX 1213822-1719behrend
Adjudication of graduating studentsDr. Jim BryanMATH 226827-4515jbryan
Actuarial AdvisorDr. Colin MacdonaldLSK 303C822-6871cbm
Co-op LiaisonDr. Neil BalmforthMATH 229C827-3034njb
Putnam AdvisorDr. Dragos GhiocaMATX 1223822-5908dghioca
Chief AdvisorDr. Albert ChauMATH 239822-2450chau
Undergraduate ChairProf. Mark Mac LeanMATX 1209827-3038ugradchair

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