2008 Exam Report

The exam was hosted by Simon Fraser University and was written on June 5.

The exam was marked on June 12 by a team all of whose members have considerable experience in marking first-semester calculus exams.

159 students were registered and 154 actually wrote the exam. Of the 154 who wrote, 35 or 23% scored 75 and up, and a further 68 or 44% scored between 50 and 74.5, thereby passing the exam. The remaining 51 examinees or 33% scored between 2 and 49.

Letters were mailed to all participants on June 19. Letters and certificates which have gone astray can be replaced upon request.

Letters were mailed to invigilators of participating schools at the end on June 18 thanking them and giving them the statistics stated below.

Summary Statistics
Maximum 96
Minimum  2
Mean 57.6
Median 61.5
Standard deviation 22.6

See the Comments for details about how students did on each question.