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The UBC Mathematics Department has a strong group working in algebraic and geometric topology. Members of this group are known internationally for their contributions to areas such as homotopy theory, group actions, cohomology of groups, orbifolds, K-theory, low dimensional topology, knot theory, geometric group theory, etc. During the term, the UBC Topology Seminar meets once or twice a week at PIMS, and features distinguished speakers from other universities. This seminar is currently organized by Man Chuen Cheng [mccheng (at)].

Faculty Research Email*
Alejandro Ádem Group actions, cohomology of groups. adem
Alexandra Pettet Geometric group theory, cohomology of groups. alexandra
Jeff Smith Algebraic topology, homotopy theory. jhs
Juan Souto Low dimensional topology, geometric group theory. jsouto
Postdocs Research Email*
Man Chuen Cheng Algebraic topology, homotopy theory. mccheng
Tali Pinksy Geometric topology, knot theory. tali
Ben Williams Applications of homotopy to algebra.
Emeriti Research Email*
Kee Lam Algebraic topology, quadratic forms, differential geometry. lam
Dale Rolfsen Topology, algebra, 3-manifolds, knot theory. rolfsen
Denis Sjerve Topology, Riemann surfaces. sjer

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