Mathematics Dept.
  Discrete Mathematics
We are a diverse group with connections to algebra, analysis, computer science, probability, statistical mechanics and topology. For a listing of discrete mathematics courses and our seminar, please go here.

Faculty Research Email*
Richard Anstee Extremal set theory, graph theory, matching theory. anstee
Joel Friedman Graph theory, mathematical problems in computer science, eigenvalue problems. jf
Andrew Rechnitzer Random knotting, combinatorics of lattice animals, polyominoes and self-avoiding walks. andrewr
Jozsef Solymosi Graph theory and their applications to theoretical computer science, combinatorial geometry and combinatorial number theory. solymosi
Stephanie van Willigenburg Representation theory of the symmetric group and symmetric functions, Coxeter groups, quasisymmetric functions, partially ordered sets. steph
Joshua Zahl Incidence geometry, discrete geometry, additive combinatorics, harmonic analysis. jzahl
Associated Faculty Research Email*
Omer Angel Random graphs, walks and other combinatorial structures, dynamical systems, percolation. angel
Jim Bryan Geometry, topology, algebraic geometry related to and/or inspired by high energy physics. jbryan
Izabella Laba Harmonic analysis, combinatorics, combinatorial and analytic number theory. ilaba
Brian Marcus Symbolic dynamics, constrained coding, information and coding theory, ergodic theory and dynamical systems. marcus
Zinovy Reichstein Lie theory, algebraic groups, algebraic geometry, Galois theory and computational algebra. reichst
Lior Silberman Automorphic forms, metric geometry and group theory. lior
Associated Emeriti Research Email*
James Carrell Algebraic groups and algebraic geometry. carrell
Dale Rolfsen Topology, algebra, 3-manifolds, knot theory. rolfsen

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