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 Differential Geometry, Mathematical Physics, PDE
Our group runs the Differential Geometry-Mathematical Physics-PDE seminar and interacts with related groups in Analysis, Applied Mathematics and Probability. Graduate courses in these fields are listed here.

Faculty Research Email*
Sven Bachmann Mathematical Physics. sbach
Albert Chau Differential Geometry and Partial Differential Equations. chau
Jingyi Chen Differential Geometry and Partial Differential Equations. jychen
James Colliander Partial differential equations and harmonic analysis. colliand
Joel Feldman Many-body theory, Quantum Field Theory, Schrödinger Operators. feldman
Ailana Fraser Differential geometry, partial differential equations. afraser
Richard Froese Schrödinger Operators, Spectral theory of elliptic operators. rfroese
Nassif Ghoussoub Infinite dimensional Morse theory, Variational methods in PDE's. nassif
Stephen Gustafson Nonlinear PDEs from applied mathematics and mathematical physics, evolution equations, stability theory, scattering. gustaf
Young-Heon Kim Partial differential equations and geometric analysis. yhkim
Dong Li Partial differential equations from applied mathematics and mathematical physics dli
Philip Loewen Calculus of variations, optimal control theory, non-smooth analysis. loew
Tai-Peng Tsai Nonlinear partial differential equations including Navier-Stokes, Schroedinger and generalized KdV. ttsai
Michael Ward Applied Partial Differential Equations, Reaction-Diffusion Systems, Singular Perturbations, and Singularity Behavior. ward
Jun-cheng Wei Partial differential equations from applied mathematics and mathematical physics jcwei
Emeriti Research Email*
George Bluman Symmetries and differential equations, Conservation laws bluman
David Brydges quantum field theory, renormalization group, statistical mechanics, Coulomb systems at equilibrium, random walk, self-avoiding walk. db5d
Anton Bui Differential inclusions, Applications to mathematical finance. bui
Ivar Ekeland Nonlinear functional analysis, the calculus of variations, and mathematical economics ekeland
John Fournier Harmonic Analysis. fournier
John Heywood Navier-Stokes equation heywood
Robert Israel Mathematical Physics. israel
Lon Rosen Mathematical Physics, Quantum Field Theory. rosen

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