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 Applied Mathematics
Our affiliation with the Institute of Applied Mathematics (UBC) gives the Department of Mathematics strength in classical Applied Mathematics, and in novel applications in many interdisciplinary areas. More information about the detailed programs available to graduate students through this Institute can be found on the home page Many of us are members of the Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society, (CAIMS).

See our listing of Courses in Applied Mathematics.

Faculty Research Email*
Richard Anstee Combinatorics, extremal set theory, graph theory, matching theory. anstee
Neil Balmforth Astrophysics, dynamical systems, fluid dynamics, geological fluids, mathematical biology, non-Newtonian fluids, plasma physics. njb
George Bluman Symmetries for differential equations, nonlocal transformations admitted by differential equations, and conservation laws. bluman
James Feng Fluid dynamics and rheology of complex fluids, microstructured materials, multiphase systems, numerical simulations. jfeng
Ian Frigaard Fluid mechanics, modeling of industrial processes, applied mathematics (joint with Mechanical Engineering). frigaard
Joel Friedman Combinatorics, graph theory, mathematical problems in computer science, eigenvalue problems. jf
John Heywood Partial differential equations, fluid dynamics, numerical methods, dynamical systems. heywood
Rachel Kuske Applied Mathematics, Stochastic Processes, non-linear dynamics, mathematical modeling rachel
Philip Loewen Calculus of variations, optimal control theory, non-smooth analysis. loew
Wayne Nagata Dynamical systems and bifurcation theory with applications to mechanics and fluid dynamics. nagata
Anthony Peirce Failure and fracture processes in granular materials, reactive flows in porous media, control of quantum molecular systems, scientific computation. peirce
Dominik Schötzau Finite element methods for PDEs, numerical analysis, computational fluid mechanics and electromagnetics, scientific computing. schoetzau
Brian Seymour Fluid Mechanics; Wave propagation; Coastal Engineering; Acoustics seymour
Jozsef Solymosi Combinatorics, graph theory, discrete geometry, and combinatorial number theory. solymosi
Michael Ward Reaction-diffusion equations, singular perturbation methods, exponential asymptotics, partial differential equations and scientific computation. ward
Brian Wetton Finite difference methods for partial differential equations, numerical analysis, computational fluid mechanics, the immersed boundary method. wetton
Özgür Yilmaz Applied harmonic analysis, signal processing, information theory oyilmaz

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